hunter hayes

Are You a Hayniac?
If you love Hunter Hayes, and who doesn't, then you're probably a Hayniac. But, if you're not quite sure what that means, well, you're not alone!
Folks here at Townsquare Media Albany weren't exactly sure what the term means, either!
See Hunter at the Times Union Center …
Hunter Hayes Storyline Contest
In honor of Hunter Hayes’ upcoming Times Union Center show on Oct. 31, and his latest album, Storyline, WGNA is offering you a chance to win tickets to the concert and a copy of Storyline.
My Thoughts On Meeting Country Star Hunter Hayes
Today we had a rare opportunity to spend a lot of time with an artist. Hunter Hayes joined the "Sean and Richie Show" for over an hour and when I say joined I mean it. Not only was he very quick-witted and easy to listen to speak, but he also was kind enough to participate in "Write a…

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