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Poll: Only One Local HS School Ranks For Athletes
While I was surprised that more public high schools from Section 2 weren't included, it was quite an accomplishment for one school that is not only head and shoulders in the area, but number 2 in the entire state for athletes.
Old Funeral Home Used as Town Haunted House
October means spooky, creepy, and haunted houses. I love this time of year like everyone else but maybe when you're building a haunted house, some places should be off-limits?
The Charitable Donation That Costs You Nothing
If I asked if you'd rather spend $10 on yourself or a complete stranger what you say? You'd have to think about it right? I know I would!  Regardless of your answer, the truth is, more people say it felt better to spend money on someone else rather than yourself.  Giving money to charity promotes ha…
How Heavy Is Too Heavy for Kids’ Backpacks?
With back-to-school coming up faster than many would like, it's pretty much top of mind of everyone right now. All of those school supplies, plus all of the books, are kids backpacks getting too heavy?
Local Teacher Texts 1000 Times And Says ‘I Love You’ To Student
This unsettling story out of Corinth involves a 60 year old high school track coach who resigned after it was learned that he was engaging in inappropriate conduct with one of his 17 year old students. According to News Channel 13, teacher Lawrence Nichols sent over 1000 text messages to the boy, an…
Hoosick Falls Honor Student Punished For Senior Prank
Kristy Burdick's daughter, a senior at Hoosick Falls High School, has been stripped of her National Honors Society title and now there's some uncertainty whether or not she'll graduate after she was involved in a senior prank.  Mom is outraged.  Does the punishment fit the c…
Neo-Nazi Instagram Account Spreads Around Saratoga High School
Saratoga Springs High School is stressing that they have nothing to do with an Instagram account featuring Neo-Nazi imagery and messages.
Hundreds of students followed an account that was set up and the school is warning parents.  The account has since been deleted...
5 Capital Region High Schools Among Top 500 in US
I like to pride myself on the fact that I'm from the Capital Region.
We are lucky to have such an amazing community to grow up in and be a part of. I feel even more privileged to be a part of an area that has such high standards for ourselves, which shows in the quality of our businesses as well…

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