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5 Capital Region High Schools Among Top 500 in US
I like to pride myself on the fact that I'm from the Capital Region.
We are lucky to have such an amazing community to grow up in and be a part of. I feel even more privileged to be a part of an area that has such high standards for ourselves, which shows in the quality of our businesses as well…
Sexual Assault at Niskayuna High School
The parents of a Niskayuna High School female student are suing the district because they say the district failed to protect their daughter and didn't follow the school's code of conduct.
According to the suit, the victim, a high school girl, had been dropped off for a final exam, but with no designa…
A Thank You To Students At Middleburgh High
"The young people today just don't care about anyone but themselves. These kids have a sense of entitlement that will bring the country to it's knees." These are the kind of comments you see these days about our youth. I'm not here to argue the merits of such statements, but I would say th…

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