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ATM Scam -Two Suspects Sought [PHOTO]
I am always paranoid and on guard any time I use an ATM. You always hear of devices being put on or in the card reader to scam people. Well for a fourth time the thieves have struck in Glens Falls. But this time they have surveillance footage and they need your help.
Teens Actions Caused Fall at Great Escape Say Police
I'm sure you thought about it too, "How does one fall off of a gondola?"
When the news broke this weekend about a girl falling off of a ride at Six Flags Great Escape, my follow up question was immediately, "What ride?!" But when the response was, "th…
Sickening Sex Sting Includes Radio DJ From Glens Falls
Twelve men were busted for attempting discreet encounters and sexual hook-ups with minors in the Capital Region and beyond.  Ages for the children ranged from 9-14 and of the 12 men arrested, one was a substitute bus driver from Mechanicville while one was a local radio DJ from Glens Falls.
Local Town Makes List of Coolest in America
I love when local places make these "Best Of" or "Coolest" lists. We live in a pretty great area with some amazing things to offer and it's nice to see that we're appreciated nationally.
Thirsty Glens Falls Men Steal $3,500 Worth of Soda
Two suspects have been arrested for allegedly stealing cases of 20-ounce and 2 liter bottles of soda from a tractor-trailer at the Dix Avenue Fitzgerald Bros. Beverage lot.  The men have taken about $3,500 worth of Pepsi, Mountain Dew and Dr...
Local Mailman Saves Mothers and Child From Falling Tree Limb
If a tree limb falls into a street when no one is around, does it make a sound?
I mean, honestly it doesn't even matter because in this case people were around and could have been severely injured if not worse if a local mailman wasn't there to save the day!

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