On This Day In 1989 The Berlin Wall Started To Come Down [VIDEO]
I think the only thing better then the freedom that The Berlin Wall coming down in 1989 meant for all of Germany was the HOFF singing. David Hasselhoff sang "I've Been Looking For Freedom" on the wall. He was almost hit by firecrackers but there was no stopping the HOFF...
German Model Airport Worth $5 Million [VIDEO]
As chidren, many of us has either model airplanes that they displayed on their shelves or maybe had model trains and small towns to go along with it.  But never in your wildest dreams would you have something quite like this.
The Ultimate In Stupid-The Stupid Orchestra
Recycling is an important part of modern life.  To just throw things out of your car window to rot on the side of the road is an insult to the beauty of our landscape, don't you think?   Old toasters, blenders, electric razors--the list is endless.  Well, you know the saying…