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Jacob Monday To Ellen Show: You’re Next!
Jacob Monday is the amazing 16 year old Shen sophomore who has decided to forego another round of chemo to spend the rest of his days fullfilling the wishes he's laid out with a bucket list of adventures.  Just a few days ago, one of the big one's was crossed off the list when Avenger's star Chris P…
Ellen Introduces the “Keith Urban Dictionary” [Watch]
Ellen was inspired by Keith Urban's last name, Urban... and decided to begin a new segment on her show, the Keith Urban Dictionary.
You may be familiar with urbandictionary.com - it's a website where you can look up pretty much anything you want and it will provide you with an unofficial, u…
Ellen Makes Out with Rob Lowe [Watch]
ELLEN DEGENERES kissed ROB LOWE on her show yesterday.  He was demonstrating how Jewel was disgusted by the idea of kissing him on a failed TV drama called "The Lyon's Den" back in 2003.
Rob asked Ellen to help him reenact the kiss, and it&apo…

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