Drinking At The Movies? [UPDATE]
There was a push by local officials and movie goers alike to try and pass a law to allow movie theaters to serve alcohol at the movies. Well it looks like it may not happen.
Is My Hand Broken?
Can you guys help me out?
I think my hand might be broken, but I'm not sure.
I really don't want to go to the doctor if it's not necessary... but it's been a couple of days now, and the swelling and pain doesn't seem to be any better.
You see, I went to a super fun party on Sat…
The 8 Best Things to Eat Before You Drink
Nutrition experts came up with a list of the best foods to eat before you go out drinking.  And, since Electric City on Tap is coming up on December 5, I thought I'd pass along this important information!
All of these foods will hopefully prevent you from absorbing alcohol too quickly,…
Trace Adkins Divorce
Could this be the reason TRACE ADKINS fell off the wagon back in January?
Trace's wife Rhonda filed for divorce on Tuesday, citing irreconcilable differences. They've been married 16 years.
She's asking for custody of their three kids, who are 16, 12 and nine along w…

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