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Five of the Craziest ‘Dark Knight Rises’ Theories
Is Bane a stand-in for Occupy Wall Street? Does Bruce Wayne fight for an oligarchical status quo? Is Gotham meant as an allegory for reign-of-terror France? Please, please Internet – you aren't trying hard enough. I come to you for insane 'Dark Knight Rises' theories predicated…
Cellphone Video of Colorado Movie Theatre Shooting
Someone who was at the Colorado theater took video on their cellphone moments after the shooting occurred. The video is from outside the front doors of the theater, where you can see the panic of people exiting the theatre as the strobe lights of the fire alarm flash in the background.
Today’s Youtube Treasure- Over 80 Movie Titles In The Movie
Someone posted a montage on YouTube called "Movie Titles in Movies" that features different movie characters saying the title of the movie they're in. Honestly, it's surprising how often it happens.  The two-minute video includes scenes from over 80 different movies.
Anne Hathaway Is Catwoman
The third in the new Batman series "The Dark Knight Rises" will be Christopher Nolan's last. He is the brain behind the awesomeness that is the Christian Bale Batman series.