She’s One Smart Cookie
Most Girl Scouts bring their cookie order sheets to mom or dad's work, this Girl Scout in California decided to capitalize on the folks that would want a quick snack.
The Most Popular Girl Scout Cookie…YUCK!
Don't get me wrong, I love Girl Scout cookies. Over the years, I have purchased hundreds of boxes and in turn helping and supporting the Girl Scouts. But I have a huge problem with which cookie won the most popular.
Baking with Bethany – Mickey Guyton [Watch]
Do you remember scrunchies?  Did you ever kiss your wall in preparation for the "real thing"?  Mickey Guyton did, along with lots of other fun throwbacks!
You'll really like her!  In this episode of Baking with Bethany, Mickey tells me about the time she sang at …
Candy Corn Oreos Hit Target Store Shelves Today!
Just in time for Halloween? Yes there is almost two months to go before the ghosts and goblins come knocking at your door, but you wouldn't know that by looking at the shelves of your local grocery stores. One item in particular might take you by surprise, Kraft Foods has now introduced&nb…
Albany’s Top 10 Christmas Cookies From
Stephanie Robinett from has been a great friend to us here at 1077 'GNA.
I sent her a story from about my favorite fudges and told her how happy I was that I  found recipes for all of them on her website. She then took some time to actually track down recipes submitt…