No, Guys, She Doesn’t Want Lingerie for Christmas
Have you heard of the "boomerang gift", it's a present you give someone that also benefits YOU. Which, according to a new poll is exactly the kind of gift women don't want!
Like, lingerie, for example.
Bad news, dudes, if you were planning on giving her a little number…
Bethany Welcomes the New Boss at WGNA [Watch]
We're getting a new boss at 'GNA and everyone is pretty excited about it!  Including me!  I can't wait to terrorize someone new!
The new guy's name is Matty Jeff and he's what we like to call in the radio business, a "Brand Manager" which is a fanc…
Are You Addicted to Hallmark Movies
The dishes needed to be done, the bathrooms cleaned... my Christmas shopping isn't finished, let alone gifts wrapped!  I need to write more blogs, I have some emails to return... the laundry is piling up, but I didn't do any of it.
Saturday afternoon I watch Hallmark movies...

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