Meet The Tree Trimming Ninja [VIDEO]
Only 17 weeks away from Christmas and do you know where Christmas trees come from? Did you know that it takes about 5 years for a Christmas tree to mature into a tree ready for you to bring home for the holidays? Did you know that they have to be trimmed twice a year to get their fun shape we know a…
Top-5 Sad Country Christmas Songs
After playing what I think is the saddest Christmas song ever on the show today, I started thinking about all the sad country songs that have made their way into our lives over the years.
How Normal is Your Office?
When it comes to time off and vacation, how does your employer stack up?
Both Christmas and New Year's Day are on Thursdays this year, and it makes no sense to work the Friday after either one because you're not going to get anything done, and tons of people will be calling in, anyway...

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