Albany 7th Grader Competing In International Chess Championship
I'll start this by saying, I wasn't the best student.
History wasn't my thing. I failed math...twice. I don't even know if I've ever watched anyone play chess, let alone know how to play it.
What I'm trying to say is, I'm incredibly jealous of Martha Samadashvili, a 12-year old girl from Albany who is…
Justin Bieber: Why We Should Let Him Retire at 19
Justin Bieber was under the influence of alcohol, pot and Xanax when he was arrested for DUI and drag racing last week, according to Miami Beach arrest records.
In fact, it seems the only thing he wasn't under the influence of was a set of decent parents...
Second Graders Explain Falling In Love
My daughter is in second grade and I can tell she's just starting to try and figure things out.  She'll say "ewwwwww" when daddy and I kiss, she'll ask "mom, what are they doing" when people on TV are kissing, and in the car the other day she e…