New Waterford Cohoes Bridge Officially Opened This Week
As a Waterford resident, I have to say this whole bridge construction has been a pain.
Now listen, before you go and get upset with me and say, "it needed to be done" or "don't you care about safety?" Of course I care and of course I know it needed to be done,…
Cohoes Bridge Construction: Why Every Weekend?
I live on the Cohoes side of the Cohoes Waterford Bridge and I understand that it needs to be replaced. I don't understand, however, why they have to shut down the entire area for every weekend in July.
Truck from Cohoes Flips on Tappan Zee Bridge [Watch]
A crash on the Tappan Zee bridge on Friday was caused by a truck from Cohoes.
There was apparently a problem with the truck's suspension system.
The Journal News reported that the tractor-trailer belonged to Kelman Transport LLC of Cohoes...