Luke Bryan Dancing with a Fan’s Pretty Pink Bra [Watch]
Ladies... is this what you think is gonna happen when you take your bra off at a concert and toss it on stage?
A lady tossed a pink bra to the stage while Luke Bryan was performing "Do I" in New York City on the other day.  He walked over, picked it up, and did a sexy…
Here Are the 2 Kinds of Lingerie Men Think Are the Most Attractive
Do you ever wonder what kind of underwear your man would prefer to see you in?  There is a lot of talk about granny panties versus thongs these days.  But which is really the sexiest?
Well, thankfully science has gotten behind this dilemma and now we have a definitive answer to the age old …
New Bra Only Comes Off When You’re In Love
If Tequila makes your clothes fall off, don't worry, girls!  I've got a new bra for you!  It will only come off if you are in "true love"!
A company in Japan has created a new BRA that only opens when you're around "the one"!
The bra clasp i…
Most Women are Wearing the Wrong Bra
Last week I posted on my Facebook page, "Am I the only one who thinks the wrong bra can ruin your whole day?" and the response was overwhelming!  We are all wearing the wrong bra!
So, I thought I'd throw together a little guide that might help us all learn a little somethi…