If Tequila makes your clothes fall off, don't worry, girls!  I've got a new bra for you!  It will only come off if you are in "true love"!

A company in Japan has created a new BRA that only opens when you're around "the one"!

The bra clasp is in the front, and it's fastened with a special sensor that's Bluetooth enabled, and works with an app on your phone.  It works specifically with a woman's heart rate, and banks on the fact that it changes when she has met Prince Charming.  The bra picks up the signals, the app detects the heart rate pattern, and VIOLA!  The girls are free!

It's a great idea (ish), but it's definitely not perfect . . . because, you know, there has to be a way to take it off when the woman wants to take a shower or go to sleep, or is married. (j/k)

There's no word on when it'll go on sale in Japan or whether it could hit shelves in the U.S.

But, I may or may not be in the market... we'll see.