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Autographed Lawrence Taylor Football Up For Grabs At Bobby T’s
This Tuesday June 4th come to Bobby T's Sports Grill and try to defeat me in my very special version of trivia, "Levack's View From the Couch Trivia". It's all about the sports, beer, sandwiches and other life essentials. This is your chance to take home an autograph…
Redneck Moments of Genius
Most of us love the “you might be a redneck… if” jokes – and the only thing better than a good joke is a funny video.  Here are a couple of “Redneck Moments of Genius” for your viewing enjoyment!  If you want to test your…
The “McMaster” at Bobby T’s, Order One Tonight!
Maybe you saw the article written by Levack about his special at Bobby T's. He thinks everyone should go there and try the Pork hog Wings, and I have they are amazing. I however have something completely different and amazingly tasty for you to try as well.
Order The Levack At Bobby T’s
If you think the picture above is just normal run of the mill chicken wings, you my friends are very mistaken! These are "Pork Hog Wings" and you can get them at Bobby T's 221 North Allen in Albany.