If you think the picture above is just normal run of the mill chicken wings, you my friends are very mistaken! These are "Pork Hog Wings" and you can get them at Bobby T's 221 North Allen in Albany.

I bet you haven't checked out Bobby T's since they made wholesale changes. Thanks to a awesome "Last Man Standing" contest we're doing there on November 9th where you can win one of three huge prizes. A Thursday night football party for you and 9 of your friends, FREE lunch for a year at Bobby T's or tickets on the 50 yard line for the Giants/Packers game.

So while Sean, Richie and I were there we fell in love with the food. So we decided to pit our favorite menu items against each other and see who has the best taste on the show. For the rest of the month you can get MY favorite the Pork Hog Wings, which is four SUPER tender cuts of pork in "Lightning Sauce"(sweet with a little kick) with a cole slaw garnish, Sean's "Thanksgiving Pizza" - pizza with gravy, turkey, mashed, stuffing and cheese, or Richie's "Grouper Ruben" - a great twist on the classic sandwich all for $10.77 for the rest of the month. Which ever meal does best will be offered next month for that same price of $10.77 with partial proceeds going to charity. They're all good and worth trying but CLEARLY my Pork Hog Wings are the best and simply addicting!