Zombies Invade NYC [VIDEO]
It's been about a month since Dish Network and AMC parted ways. AMC is the home of such shows as Mad Men, Breaking Bad and The Walking Dead. So AMC decided to remind people they were off Dish Network with a "interesting" campaign.
The Walking Dead Season Three Trailer [VIDEO]
If you've never watched "The Walking Dead" you are missing out. It has some gore and there is violence but it also has drama, suspense and great character development. You find yourself caring for or hating almost every character. The new season starts October 14th on AMC, let…
First Look At Season 2 Of The Walking Dead [VIDEO]
Before you go any farther, I have to warn you this video contains graphic material and should not be viewed by the faint of heart or anyone under 18.
To all my fellow zombie lovers and by lovers I mean people like me who watch TV and video game heroes brain the undead...