DC came out strong at the San Diego Comic-Con. Announcing a "Flash" movie, "Justice League" movie AND "Man of Steel 2". The only thing they shared from the new Superman movie was it's logo but let's be honest it was all they needed to do since that made it clear Batman will be in the movie.Back in the 80's there was a graphic novel where the president sent Superman to shut down Batman. The two fought and Batman was able to use Kryptonight to get the upper hand. They say that the movie will be different from the novel but they had an actor read the following passage "I want you to remember, Clark . . . in all the years to come . . . in your most private moments. "I want you to remember . . . my hand . . . at your throat . . . I want . . . you to remember . . . the one man who beat you."

Henry Cavill will continue to play Superman but there is no word yet on who will be Batman. We also know the "Dark Knight" movies have no bearing on the crossover. Funny thing is Will Smith's movie "I am Legend" hinted at this movie way back in 2008 when Smith was driving through Time Square there was a billboard for a Superman/ Batman movie. I thought it was a hint at Justice League but maybe DC and Warner Brothers have had this movie planned for years.

DC plans on doing a "Flash" movie to be released in 2016 and "Justice League" in 2017.