So I heard about this allegedly “offensive” truck decal that a truck detailer in Texas has been using to boost their business, and I thought, “how offensive could it possibly be?”  Well… you decide!

Photo from KWTX Facebook Page


Brad Kolb, the owner of Hornet Signs in Waco photographed one of his employees bound and thrown in the back of a pickup, then turned the image into a sticker for the back of his company vehicle.

Kolb says the company has seen a spike in business since the sticker hit the road.

I literally filled with rage when I saw the picture!  How could Kolb be so insensitive?  How could his employee pose for the photo?  And how could people patronize a business that makes a marketing campaign based on violence against women?

Violence against women isn’t a new subject in the media… I’m looking at you Robin Thicke! Or freaking Grand Theft Auto! 

Horrifying, if you ask me… but I wanna know what you think?  Let me know –