We as citizens need to be prepared for the rain and wind event that we will be experiencing late tonight and tomorrow morning from Sandy. Batteries, water, non-perishable food items are a good place to start in case you lose power. Farmers though have a unique set of circumstances that they have to prepare for. Many have to make sure that their animals are set to weather the storm and Cornell University is one of the foremost authorities, They have provided the following info to make sure our local farmers are ready for whatever the storm brings. Some highlights include the following :

Livestock Activities:

  • Check feed inventory and order extra if needed. Move feed, including round bales to higher ground, or to a more accessible place in case of flooding or transportation problems.
  • Determine the best places for livestock on your property, where they have the best chance of being free from flying debris, heavy winds and rain. This may mean moving livestock and poultry to higher ground if possible or sheltering them in securely battened barns, houses or tightly fenced areas.

Equipment Activities:

  • Secure or remove items or equipment that could become blowing debris.
  • Remove hoop houses from low-lying areas that could be subject to high water.
  • Move equipment to the highest, open ground possible away from trees or buildings.

For more info and a complete checklist for farmers storm preparation from Cornell click here.