Personally, I'm not the hugest fan of Starbucks Coffee.  But my wife is, so my vote has been cancelled out!  And I'm sure many of you can't live without it as well.  Every morning you're just dying to get your fill, right?  Well, as they say, "be careful what you ask for"... Coming soon to a Starbucks near you,  the BIG GULP of coffees.  The Starbucks Trenta.  How big is BIG?  According to

"To satisfy the unquenchable gullets of America's brand-name coffee drinkers, Starbucks will introduce a 916ml Trenta cup. That's more than the average capacity of the human stomach, and enough caffeine to stand in for a defibrillator"

This could actually replace steroids!  The Trenta cup will debut on May 3rd.  (Maybe we should give a complimentary one to each member of the NYS Legislature.  Might help get the budget passed on time this year!!!)