In a  day when hospitals are facing increasing financial burden, it's nice to know that one facility is growing.  I guess mergers give you a lot of purchasing power  (And a 10 meeeeeeellllioin dollar donation can't hurt either!) 

According to an article in the Troy Record, St Peters Health Partners has broken ground on a $99 million dollar facility in Troy.  It will be a pavilion that is  part of  Samaritan Hospital.

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It will no doubt  be named the Medicus building, and not because it containms  part of the word "medical'.  95 year old Heinrich Medicus made a record breaking $10 million dollar donation. 

This is SO GREAT for our area.  I guess we all owe him a debt of gratitude.  You never know when any of us are going to need St Peters' services.  Thank you, Heinrich.  That was quite a maneuver.  (Which I guess would make it the ---wait for it----Heinrich Maneuver.   Hit the rimshot)