Sheeeeee's baaaaack!

Madelyn, my beautiful 8 year old loves to write and is really interested in the blogs that I write for this site.  One day she asked if she could write a blog too, and who am I to say no!  After all, her writing is wittier and more interesting than mine any day!

Here it is -

Happy Monday!  Joke of the week: Why is a fish and a guitar different?  Because you can’t tuna fish!  Ha! Ha!  My brother and I fight-a-lot.  But sometimes we get along.  I personally think it’s my brother Turner’s fault for when we fight.  But sometimes I have to take the blame.  My all-time personal favorite author and illustrator is Tomie de Paola.  You should read his books sometime.  Strega Nona is one of my favorites.  Could you please comment on what you would like to do next?  Bye!

Note - she really would love if you commented in the section below!  She said she'll write back to you next week!

Photo: Bethany