We are expecting some nasty weather, including bad thunderstorms around the Albany area later today, July 26, 2012. Over the past few years, people in the Albany area have had their share of very strong thunderstorms. In some cases causing a lot of damage.

We even got our share of some damage at WGNA. Our tower in the Helderberg Mountains was struck by lightning during the last thunderstorm, which damaged some of our broadcasting equipment. Consider that a safety warning and remember to unplug appliances, computers and televisions in your house. I know of some people that had serious damage and had to replace them after lightning struck. One thing about our website, you can still listen to us when the transmitter is off the air, by clicking "listen live" on the home page. Of course we will keep you updated about any severe weather, all day on 1077, GNA.

But there are some of us who do enjoy watching the light show that mother nature provides. So we I was wondering how whether more people like to watch the storms. Take our poll.