The true art of the snowball fight is a lost cause in America. While the white stuff piles up across the Capital Region most kids sit inside playing Xbox or PS3 , or Wii Bowling. When I was a kid we knew how to throw a snowball.

You would pack the snowball so long and so hard that it eventually became an iceball. If you made them too big, that was no good. They really need to be the size of a baseball. When I was in my hometown of West Fort Ann, New York growing up you would gather the neighborhood kids up, pick teams and wail the snot out of each other for hours on end.

I remember going home on a regular basis after the white washed war was over with black eyes and bloody noses. They weren't injuries they were battle scars and worn with pride. Kids would grab the snow and just pack and hurl over and over again as hard as they could. Sometimes foreign objects would accidentally get into the snowball unbeknownst to the hurler and if one of those caught you in the face bad things happened.

Here is a short list of things that I didn't realize were in a snowball, until I got hit in the face with them back in the day.

  1. Glass
  2. Sticks
  3. Rocks and Gravel
  4. A bottle cap
  5. A dime
  6. A quarter
  7. A house key

Those were the days. Mom and dad, tell your kids to shut off the video games and ipods and get out there for a snowball fight now.