it's a dangerous, dangerous world out there.  Sometimes I personally lose my sense of humor about it all, even though it becomes so absurd at times.  I'm getting to the point where I don't know what's funny and what isn't any more.  Do you feel the same?  Case in point

Saturday Nite Live of course has had a long history of poking fun at sensitive issues.  I guess they should get a pass, right?  Or should they?  What would happen if something that they did on the air incited a certified looney tunes like North Korean leader Kim Jong Un to snap?  Nuclear war is really nothing to snicker about, you know.  Or is it?  Here's one clip from the show.

And here's another that covers the whole Dennis Rodman visit

I guess it's tame by most standards, but how do you feel in general about making light of things like this?  Do you think it's OK or should they stay away?   Would you be OK with a skit that even hinted about  the Boston Marathon incident?

Before you answer that, remember the words of George Carlin, and I'm paraphrasing - "Nothing should be off limits in comedy" .   Personally,  I think he might have been the only person on the planet that could get away with ANYTHING, but in general, I don't agree.   What say you?  Leave your comments below.   Maybe we will read some on the air.