Here is Today's Daily Dilemma:

flickr User, jaaron

Whenever my wife and I ask either of our parents to watch the kids so we can go out on a date, they kind of make us feel like we’re a huge inconvenience. My parents do it, and so do the in-laws – although they do it in different ways. Like my parents are always saying they’re busy and have other plans and my in-laws just kind of sigh like we’ve just asked the most difficult favor in the world instead of asking if they could watch their grand kids for a few hours so we can go out to dinner. Sometimes my in-laws will invent illnesses in ADVANCE – one time my mother in law said she couldn’t tell us if she could babysit next Friday or not because she might have a headache! I thought grandparents were supposed to want to have the grand kids over! I don’t know how to approach either my parents or the in-laws without making it all awkward and uncomfortable, but my wife and I feel like we should be able to ask them to babysit once in a while without being made to feel like it’s a huge ordeal. Does anyone else have this problem?

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