The "Daily Dilemma" on the Sean and Richie Show is featured every weekday morning at 6:40am. We and the listeners take on someone's problems and try to offer different perspectives. Now, these don't have to be huge problems- it could just be something bothering you or a friend, or it could be some little thing you and another just can't agree on. If you have a dilemma to share we'd love to hear it just e-mail us here at the show.

Here is today's dilemma:

I am in my mid 20's, single, and work 6 days a week (+/-70 hrs). I have a great bachelor set-up, I don't have many bills, I work hard, play hard, make money, and spend it. I have recently met and been hanging out with this girl, she's a year younger than me, absolutely beautiful, funny, and we get along really well. I like her a lot. The kicker being she has a 4 y/o son. When we hang out there is obvious attraction and tension but I've yet to make a move because I don't want to lead her on. I've hung out with both of them and we have a great time together, I love kids and he and I get along great. I EVENTUALLY want kids of my own but right now, as much as I like this girl, I don't know if I am responsible enough to date a girl with a child. I realize my whole life will change if we begin dating and things continue down that road. I don't know if I'm being lazy or immature or if I'm scared to "grow up." I know that if this girl didn't have a son her and I would be perfect for each other. What should I do?