If your dream home hit the market, you'd scoop it up, right? What if it was a friend's home and the reason it's for sale is because it's in foreclosure? Is one man's loss another's gain, or is this taking advantage of a friend's financial troubles? What would you do?Here is today's Daily Dilemma:

We live in a two-bedroom apartment in Colonie. We are a young couple looking to buy a house. Well there's a place around the corner from us that's beautiful. It's a four-bedroom Colonial on a really, really nice lot. We've actually been IN the house a couple of times because we know the people! Well, it turns out that we just saw recently that the house is for sale, and we found out that it's a FORECLOSURE. I know we can get it for a steal, but here's the dilemma: We know these people! I feel it's taking advantage of their financial problems. My boyfriend says that one person's loss is another's gain. What do your listeners think?

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