Sheryl Crow is one talented lady.  I really think that she defies labels.  Yes, she's had a ton of pop songs, but if you listen carefully to them, they could have EASILY run on our station. Well now she's aiming her career directly at us, and we're thrilled! 

There's a very interesting article that I read.  You can too.  Here's the link from  In it, when it comes to naming  songs in her catalogue with a strong country flavor, they get very specific.


“Strong Enough,” “Leaving Las Vegas,” “Steve McQueen,” “Every Day Is A Winding Road” and a lot of the other stuff Crow’s released since her 1993 debut “Tuesday Night Music Club” could have played between Taylor Swift and Lady Antebellum songs without anyone raising an eyebrow.


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So true.  Take a listen and you can't disagree.  The article ironically enough also mentions another Countryfest 2013 headliner, Darius Rucker.  He says the same thing, basically.  If you listen to his old "Hootie" hits, many of them have a country flavor as well.

I have been flipping out with excitement over this year's lineup- especially the aforementioned.  It may prove to be the greatest "mish mosh" of musical styles that we've ever had at a Countryfest.  It will be something for everyone, and we are inviting EVERYONE to join us on July 13th.  Click here for all the pertinent info on how to get tickets