Shenendehowa district officials are investigating an incident involving the girls’ soccer team. The team smashed their second place plaque by throwing it to the ground, an act the school’s varsity coach saw, but failed to stop.  Coach Holli Mulholland won’t be fired for her failure to intervene, however;  Shen’s athletic director, Chris Culnan, declined to say if students and/or the coach would face any disciplinary action.  The incident happened after they lost to Bethlehem in overtime at the Section II Class AA game.

District officials only found out about what happened after some anonymously posted information about the Novemeber 9th incident on the school's website.   According to the witness, the team walked back to the bus with the runner-up plaque and threw it several times onto the ground.  Supposedly, the plaque was also later burned, according to what was posted on the website.  Culnan stated,

"They did something that was extremely unsportsmanlike.  They made a tremendous mistake, and our coach missed a teachable moment." 

This was the fourth, consecutive year Shenendehowa has lost to Bethlehem in the championship game that also knocked them out of contention for the playoffs. 

We discussed a similar incident on our show a week or so ago in our daily dilemma segment.  What do you think of the team's reaction?  Do they have the right to do whatever they want with their "trophy?"  Should they be proud of how far they went as a team?  Or should they be disappointed and therefore, act out in anger?