This is cool, and will certainly get the attention of all the environmentalists in the area.  And you know who you are

It's BikeShare week in Troy, according to the  It's a very simple idea but could be a lot of fun to participate in (plus you'll save on parking tickets).

There are 25 bikes available to be used from July 20th through the 26th.  You can use them from 10am til 8pm, and according to the article you can pick them up at Riverfront park behind the Uncle Sam bus stop. Quoting

The bicycles can be used throughout the City, including to check out Troy’s restaurants and retail or to try out one of Troy’s historic routes. Additionally, users can visit one of the other events in Downtown Troy this week, including the Troy Pig Out, Saturday, July 19 – Sunday, July 20; Rockin’ On the River, Wednesday, July 23; Troy Night Out, Friday, July 25; and the Troy Farmer’s Market, Saturday, July 26.


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I personally love the idea, but i don't think I would commute to work during my hours.  Sorry folks, but you won't see me on a bike at 5am with coffee in one hand and my iPad in the other.

The question is - would YOU bike to work if you could?  If it saved you looking for parking spaces?  If it stopped you from worrying about parking tickets?  Would love to know.  In the meantime, kudos to Troy and other cities who are trying this!   Al Gore will love you for it.