The skyline at night in Albany may look a little darker, soon.

Google Street View

But it’s not just in Albany. The new illumination factor will be taking place at many state-run buildings all over New York State. Those buildings will turn off non-essential lighting. It’s an effort to keep several nocturnal birds from losing their way, because the bright lights throw them off the direction where they’re supposed to be. Sometimes the disorientation even causes injuries to the animals or even causing them to lose their lives.

Some of those buildings are major landmarks and include the New York State Capital and the Corning Tower in Albany. According to the article from the Times Union, the blackout period will only be effective during certain periods of the year: April 15 through May 31. It will also be in effect from August 15 through November 15. The hours for the blackout periods will be from 11:00 p.m. until dawn. That’s the times for the migration period.