This is very possibly the first blog I've ever written for the AARP clan, of which I have, by default, become a card carrying member.  Hey, I'm not proud.  "Embrace your age", I say. Well, here's an article just for us, and it ain't pretty

I guess you really don't have to be old to pay attention to Social Security.  Everyone has their eye on it in case you ever find yourself needing it.  Well, according to Yahoo News, there's good news, bad news for the economy.  Lower gas prices?  Good news.  Low inflation? Real good news.  But that has implications for Social Security and 1/5 of the US population.

Ingram Publishing

This, kids is what makes up the consumer price index, and this week they are going to announce that number.  It's very possible that they'll be 0 change, which means 0 increase in payments.  Actually, prices have DROPPED from last year, and that's only happened twice before.

So I want to warn Sean and Bethany right now - they'll be wheeling me in as I continue on here, and all of us aging baby boomers will be in the same boat if this damn good economy continues.

Don't you just hate good news, fellow yuppies?