I almost fell for this email scam going around!

The other day, I received an email from Fed Ex International telling me that they were unable to deliver a package to my house. In order to receive the package, I would need to fill out the attached form and send it back to them.  After they receive ithe form, the package would be delivered to me. I was about to open the attachment, thinking maybe Andrea ordered something when I thought- this is strange, doesn't Fed Ex leave a note if they can't deliver a package?  So I asked the family if anyone ordered anything.  Turns out no one did.


Relieved I didn't open the attachment, I went to Fed Ex website to see if this has happened before. Sure enough, it's a scam. The attachment is most likely a virus. Fed Ex goes on the say this email scam is more frequent during the holiday season.

Bottom line my friends, don't be like me and almost click!  Share with your friends.  I don't want anyone to fall victim. Lets keep our computers safe!