I'm really getting interested in knowing more about some of the artists that are coming to town, aren't you?  Especailly the ones coming to Countryfest 2014!.  Here's a few interesting facts about young Scotty McCreery.

1. He is the very first American Idol winner to be born in the 1990's.  He's a millennial!

2. Scotty's Christmas album was certified gold!  That's pretty darn good by itself!

3. American Idol wasn't wasn't only "Idol"win.  He won the "Clayton Idol" contest in Clayton, North Carolina.


4. His father was born in Puerto Rico

5. At his American Idol audition, he sang "Your Man", by Josh Turner (perfect choice for his vocal range, huh? )

(bonus fact - He's coming to Countryfest 2014.  Did I mention that? Well, I'm doing it again then! ) Get those tickets FAST.  Click above to get the whole lineup and other info.

info from Wikipedia.org