Officials at Ralph J. Osgood Intermediate School In Kings Park, New York (Long Island) made a decision that upset several parents.

Cancan Chu/Getty Images

Several parents were insulted by the edits of the popular Christmas song "Silent Night."

It was decided that any lyrics with a religious reference would be removed from a Christmas song to be featured in a school concert on Dec. 12 featuring fifth grade students.

There have been several news stories about this decision, including one from WCBS in New York City. The reason for the censorship was because school officials didn’t want to offend non-Christians.

Some of the lyrics that were removed were “round young virgin mother and child," “Christ the savior,” and “holy infant.”

In the story from, the altered lyrics controversy led to an apology from the school district, which was posted on the school district's website.

Here's the video of Sugarland singing "Silent Night."