We already know that Bill Hader is done with Saturday Night Live and Seth Myers will leave middle of next season to take over "Late Night" but they may not be the only one's leaving.

I loved the tribute to both Hader and Myers during "Weekend Update" where Myers broke up "Stefon's"(one of Hader's characters) wedding to Anderson Cooper.

We heard that Jason Sudeikis and Fred Armisen were also abouot to hang it up but we hadn't heard any confirmation. That is until cast member Jay Pharoah tweeted "Hader, Armisen and Sudekis. The talent of those three and just them as people in general will be missed, but we will be strong and carry on". The tweet was deleted but we all saw it. If this is it for Armisen he also got a pretty cool send off. He was performing as his British rock star character Ian Rubbish and some of his friends joined in. They were "Portlandia" co-creator Carrie Brownstein and musicians: Kim Gordon from Sonic Youth, J. Mascis from Dinosaur Jr., Steve Jones from The Sex Pistols, Aimee Mann and Michael Penn.

I think Sudeikis should of got a better send off if he is done but I'm positive we haven't seen the end of any of these guys.