No, I'm not talking abut Salem, Massachussetts.  I don't want to do parodies of "Witch Doctor".  We are talking here about the beautiful little hamlet of Salem, NY - a place very close to the Vermont border, I'm told.  Well, looks like I'm about to find out, because I'm also going there! 

There it is!  Perfect.  All you do is hang a left at Greenwich, take Route 29 and you are there!  I need to know these things, because I will also be driving there to visit the elementary school on Thursday  to write a song about bullying for the Reading, Writing and Rhyming Tour (thanks to Hannaford Supermarkets)

I may just have to push the song to Friday this week because I'm sure to get extra information about the town when I visit.  Either way, your information about the town would be much appreciated.  You can leave funny or serious facts about Salem in the comment section, or send to

Looking forward to taking the drive over!  Have a great day, folks!