Once again Ronnie Dunn has proven that he still can place songs on the Country Music charts!  After 20 years of continuous hits as part of Brooks and Dunn, many wondered if Dunn could deliver without Brooks.  The answer is in the solo hits 'Bleed Red' 'Cost of Livin'' and now 'Let The Cowboy Rock.'

'Let The Cowboy Rock' has also become a dance floor favorite thanks to this easy beginner level line dance that can get anyone 'rockin' on the dance floor.  After you try the line dance, check out our conversation with Ronnie Dunn by clicking here.





32 Count, 4 Wall Beginner Line Dance

Right Rocking Chair Forward

1-4 Right Rock Forward, Rock Back on Left, Right Rock Back, Rock Forward on Left

Walk Forward, Kick Forward

5-8 Walk Forward, Right, Left, Right, Kick Left Forward

Left Rocking Chair Back

1-4 Left Rock Back, Rock Forward on Right, Left Rock Forward, Rock Back on Right

Walk Back, Kick Forward

5-8 Walk Back, Left, Right, Left, Kick Right Forward

Cross, Side Touches, Right Scuffs, Walk Back Right, Left

1-4 Cross Right Over Left, Point Left to Left Side, Cross Left Over Right, Point Right to Right Side

5-8 Scuff Right Forward and Back, Walk Back Right, Left

Side Steps, Stomps 1/4 Right, Side Step, Stomps

1-4 Step Right to the Right, Slide Left Together and Step on Left, 2 Right Stomps While Making a 1/4 Turn Right

5-8 Step Left to the Left, Slide Right Together and Step on Right, 2 Left Stomps in place (facing 3 O’Cock)