Sorry, but I was clueless about this game until Sean brought it up this morning.  He told me how people are going completely berserk over Candy Crush Saga which supposedly has over 60 million fans.  He challenged me to write a song right then and there.  I had enough coffee and was up for it, so....

Song parody if you don't want to read what's below

 mp3 version for the iPhone  (lyrics below)




It seems to have a bejeweled blitz look to the board, but then again, what do I know?  I personally can't understand who has time to play these games between checking email, going on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and WGNA's awesome website , but apparently I am in the minority.

According to Wikipedia, about 45 million people a month get on there and try to align their candies. w The game also involves money as well.  Yes, I'm saying that people actually PAY to PLAY.  Again, I know it's probably no shock to you out there because you're playing it and I'm not.

I basically lied on the air today and pretended that I played it all the time, but that was to set up the song.  It's show biz folks - get over it!  LOL.  Here's the song from today, with apologies to the Beatles for this parody.  Click here to hear the original "Lady Madonna".

Here's my version[audio:|titles=candy crush saga

 mp3 version for the iPhone  (lyrics below)


         Candy Crush Saga

parody of "Lady Madonna"
new lyrics ©2013 Richie Phillips All Rights Reserved

Candy Crush Saga I know this sounds absurd

but it's ended my addictedness to Angry Birds
you can speak to me, but right now I don't hear
busy matching sweets
to  make them disappear
since this game came out I am not lying
I know that you may think I'm not the type
but yesterday I gave up lunch and dinner
to get a super stripe
Candy crush saga
don't criticise me Sean
60 million candy crushers  can't be wrong