Who says that retirement homes have to be these depressing places where you constantly feel that you are on God's "approach ramp"?  I wanted to stand up and applaud when I saw this (but I was laughing too hard!)

The location?  The Clark Retirement Community in Michigan.  The producers of the video?  The Grand Valley University students and alumni.  The song they picked to dub?  Michael Buble's cover of "Feeling Good" (perfect choice!).  This could possibly be my own personal favorite lip dub video.  So please hit "play" and enjoy!

Isn't that fantastic?  Why don't they do more of these things in retirement homes.  Older people are people too!  (Hell, I'm almost one of them - I should know!)

I have to make one correction in this blog, however.  I said that this is my favorite lip dub.  It actually will never surpass this one, however.

Lip Dubs forever!  They should do one in Congress!  God knows they have the time - they're not getting anything else accomplished!