You pass by this building alot if you travel on Rte 155 in the Capital Region.  It used to house a Credit Union.  Many have wondered why noone has cut the lawn there in ages.  There’s a great answer for that!This is the Discovery Center in Albany's Pine Bush,  and it is a fantastic place for people of all ages to, well,  discover or rediscover nature.   I was cordially invited to bring the Reading, Writing and Rhyming program there by Education Program Assistant Blake Etchison.

I wanted to see what was inside, out of curiosity.  It’s also about 1/2 mile from WGNA studios, so that didn’t hurt either!


There are guided tours inside and out.  The trails behind the building reveal very interesting facts in and of itself.  And the inside?  You’d be surprised at how much there is to see and do.  Do you like insects? flowers? birds? other wildlife”    I’ve included a few shots to give you an idea.

Maybe that doesn’t explain the Discovery Center enough?  Maybe you need the help of some very gifted kids - many of them under 5 years old!    Just some of the gifted songwriters included

Jillian Creighton, Tammy Conte, Patricia Franchini, Nazli Ahmad, Wendy Matusic, Stefanie Adler, and Lisa Nicklaus.

Would you like to hear what they wrote?  I knew you would.  (that was my "Mr. Rogers" impression)

Would you like to visit this great educational get-away?  Check out the Discovery Center website.