Lots to talk about on this week's tech talk, so let's get to it, shall we? Looking for high tech candles for Christmas?  That and much more below

Just when you thought technology would never bother with the world's most old school  light source, enter the remote controlled Christmas candle.
Thanks to our good geeky friends at ThinkGeek.com, there is now a color changing Candle set with remote.   It's actually an LED set - no fire needed.  Safe for kids and pets and burns in 12 colors.
Also great for weddings too - you can match the candles to your wedding colors.   Set of 3 is $24.99
from ThinkGeek.com
                                                     Now we switch to Oprah
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     No, she didn't put a candle under everyone's seat.  But she would have put a new    Microsoft Surface Tablet under everyone's chair if she had her choice (or at least this is what she alluded to on Twitter.  According to Techcrunch.com, she got on the social media site  and touted the new Microsoft Surface tablet.  "She really bought 12 for Christmas gifts" according to the tweet.  But the tweet was written- on her iPad. (She didn't realize apparently that Twitter shows what device you wrote it on
However, you have to cut her a little slack.  There is no native Twitter app yet for the Surface so she would have had to download a third party app and maybe she's not a techy type.  Regardless, I got a little giggle out of it
devcentre, flickr
And now 2 Questions with answers from Computer Renaissance of Latham
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  1. Tammy from Troy wants to get her husband a new laptop for Christmas what is the best brand and memory size?

Our Friends at Computer Renaissance say look for a windows 8 laptop with an “iSeries” processor. Choices are i3, i5, i7 …. i3's & i5's are good.....i7's would be for hardcore gamers or serious multi taskers & number crunchers.... i5's are the best bang for the buck. Get one with 500 gig hard drive & at least 4-6 gigs of RAM. Computer Renaissance finds Dell offers the best service & support & parts are readily available.

  1. How do you get pictures off of a track-phone and onto my computer photo gallery?

If you have an LG600 or LG420 you can use a Bluetooth dongle to make your computer and phone talk to each other and transfer them that way. Otherwise you'll have to MMS email them to yourself


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