I didn't even know she was still doing this!  But I'm excited!  I used to love to watch her show, and especially when she would give away all of her favorite things to her whole audience!  People would faint!  So perfect!

This year's list includes -

"What I Know For Sure" - Oprah's new book - $25

Gold Beats by Dre - $700 (What!?!?!?!?!)

A key ring/wallet combo - $55

Fijian Ginger bath gift set - $265

A Vine and Bloom gardenia box - $189

A set of green coffee mugs - $120

Initial stud earring - made to not match - $80/earing

A super plush bath robe - $84

Recycled copper cocktail mug set - $365

Holiday Candle Set - $240

A 7-speed bike - $550

Doggie bed - $445

Faux Fur Coat - $499

12 Days of Christmas bracelets - $500

Mini Filled Begal Balls - $36

Truffle Oil - $59

A 2 foot wide loaf of sourdough bread - $150

Now, most of us can't afford any of Oprah's favorite things, but in her defense, if you Click Here, there are a lot of discounts on these great items if you Click Here!

And, check out the whole list - Click Here!

Merry Christmas!

Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images