Sometimes you get so much response from a town that one song doesn't seem to do it.  I just couldn't fit everything in in 90 seconds.  So here we go, Ravena folk - Part 2.  This is a web-only exclusive by the way 

Once again, thanks for all the feedback from fellow Facebookers.   It makes things so much easier when compiling a song.  If your info wasn't included, please don't feel slighted in any way.  I could actually do part 3 with all of it,  but I have to move on to a new town.

The song follows, and after that, a whole gallery of shots taken by Jean LaFalce.  Many, many thanks to her for the extra effort.

   My Ravena Part 2 

mp3 version (right click to save)
My Ravena
I feel like such a louse
I forgot to mention the Halfway House
Or the Silver Spoon Cafe
They've got the  best darn food in town
And there's someone- a guy who's real well known
Lisa Schmidts brother Ramone
On a john Deere tractor
That's what he's always driving around
The great teachers and the football team that the high schools got
And of course the Indians- that's their mascot
Midway cafe
Hairem Salon
That won't help me my hair is gone
They all love Yanni's restaurant
Ravena we love you
Calamari is their thing
Marc is the calamari king
I hope that covers everything
Ravena we love you
That's all there is from me
There will be no Part 3!
photo by Jean LaFalce
photo by Jean LaFalce
photo by Jean LaFalce
photo by Jean LaFalce
photo by Jean LaFalce
photo by Jean LaFalce