Fine, I'll admit it. At first I thought that all the talk about Bruce Jenner wanting to become a woman was false, then I thought it was just another Kardashian publicity stunt, then I started to believe it was true, but comical, then, I came to my senses and finally accepted it for what it is.

I can't be alone. I mean, all the headlines? All the jokes? Some made by me!

But now I feel differently about it. I am now so supportive of Bruce's decision.  I can't imagine the pain of a transgender person.  Feeling locked inside a body and a life that you don't feel like you belong in. Bruce should be free to be who he is!

Bruce was interviewed by Diane Sawyer and the show will air on ABC on April 24. Diane always completely nails every interview, so I can't wait to see her talk with Bruce.

I want to know how he accomplished so much—Olympic gold, national public speaking tours, two marriages, half a dozen children - all while fighting back the urge to be a woman! He's 65 years old! It's incredible to me, and I would love to hear more about his struggle.

I think it's great that he's putting such a public face on Transgender issues.

Click here for a really informative and eye-opening article that will answer all your questions about Transgender individuals.

Watch the interview on the 24 and we'll discuss!

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Photo by Gregg DeGuire/WireImage