If you drive on Broadway (or Route 32) in Menands, I’m sure you’ve noticed the Albany International Corp. building. There’s pond in front of the building where some ducks would be waddling from time to time.

Maybe you know someone that worked there, or still does. Albany International Corp. also had a location in East Greenbush, just off exit 9 of Interstate 90, but that building was sold to FedEx.

According to a story from the Times Union, the person that converted some of the Harmony Mills Lofts complex in Cohoes into luxury apartments is working on doing the same thing to the Albany International building in Menands. Uri Kaufman will get this project going sometime this summer, if all goes as planned. If that does happen, it will take about a year and a half to complete. The Menands project will include converting 250 apartments in the building, which was built in 1902.

Albany International still has about 100 people working in Menands, but many will be moving to the new headquarters in New Hampshire. A small number of people from the accounting and finance departments will remain in the area, but be moved to another location.

That building will be be an elaborate looking apartment complex.