Did you watch the Arnold Palmer Classic this weekend. If you didn't you missed some great golf. It's always nice when Tiger, is actually playing like Tiger. I also love that there seems to be a resurgence of talent in the American ranks. I have to admit I was worried for a while there. But the highlight of the weekend may have been the play of Sergio Garcia.

Sergio happened to have the misfortune of his ball landing IN a tree. While this is not the first time a golfer has had his ball hit a tree and not come down, it is one of the few times the golfer actually played it FROM the tree.

Of course he could have taken the penalty stroke, but when you are struggling to score well and move up the leader board, sometimes you have to take drastic measures. I wonder, would you do this on your weekend outing with your buddies? I have to admit, I might.

I never expect these guys to risk injury and total embarrassment though. So I give it to the Spaniard, Here's to you Serge!